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Paul Smith. London. June 2013.


Paul Smith. London. June 2013.

Minecraft fun today.

It is you, it is how to imagine a potential Minecraft for any greater than, or is a method can be Mojang uses the money is difficult if you have it already. Mojang say everyone then. It sounds like a good plan.

Mojang plans to present in-game content for minecraft download of indefinite expansion Minecraft, custom-made and modders of their future.

"I think a new thought of all that it is probably the MOD, it’s up to the point when we" I that ‘Jeb’ Bergensten abs of Jens Minecraft says,. It should work with something more useful and perhaps, but you know that the mobs and the animal is a respected content most recent I -. To add new monsters and animals I’ve never felt like it was playing it has been extended, "feature is becoming useful to anyone specific and more. Snapshot, bat we have been added. they do not do anything really, they sit on top of the roof and sleep and just fly around. However, people are very happy about it. "

Remodeling community for Minecraft is already huge, is responsible for quality, high-capacity. There are remodeling to add a Pokemon, be modified to add additional mods portal gun airship of steam punk. On the other hand, custom map, you can rise is a set of rules, such as hanger game modes PvP vicious or dangerous puzzley resource scramble, Sky block like Minecraft completely.

However, in less irritable player you want to use, lack of remodeling tool of official offer of community is different, and contradictory, Minecraft’s difficult, meant danger occasionally. The solution is to build to enable testing remodeled Mojang support fully, the MOD API official, and to deliver them through a central repository of the game.

"In the hope that easy to install it, it is difficult to mess up your game," I creators of original, ‘notch’ Minecraft Markus Persson of talks.

However, this is not an easy task. Fundamental change, so made to the game of the API after startup, you can not everything is important right the first time (mostly). And it means that you can change many of the basic infrastructure of Minecraft’s all right.

”- From the beginning, and rewriting of Minecraft on the client side is basically that rewrite the decision” We were hired to the community for the work of his most popular remodeling informal Minecraft Bukkit, the tool I say Nathan Adams ‘Dinnerbone’. “I think we, before we look at the first version of the API, it would be a few months.”